The Learning Resources team at The Philadelphia School seeks to provide support and enrichment in both academic and social-emotional contexts; it includes learning specialists and a school psychologist who help students, teachers, and parents navigate the teaching and learning process. A consulting occupational therapist also works closely with our staff.

The Learning Resources team provides support and enrichment in language arts, mathematics, and study skills to students and address a diversity of learning styles. Instruction is offered through push-in and pull-out sessions. Staff work closely with classroom teachers to ensure a good match between curricular goals and student abilities. We offer a flexible, child-centered program, which allow us to change course offerings and content frequently based on the current needs of the students.  

The overall goal of our program is to acknowledge and support the unique learning styles of our students. We support individual learning patterns through diagnostic and prescriptive teaching methods to students who need additional support in reaching their full potential. Typically we support all neurodevelopmental constructs including attention, sequential ordering, spatial ordering, memory, language, neuromotor functions, social cognition, and higher order cognition. The Learning Resources team works closely with the psychological team to ensure consideration of the whole child.

A significant aspect of the our program at all grade levels is teaching students to become aware of their learning styles, adapt to teaching styles, and monitor their own progress in each subject area.