At The Philadelphia School we focus on the facts of science by developing an understanding of how those facts were established, what they mean, and how they can be used.

Science, engineering, and technology permeate every aspect of modern life and hold the key to many of humanity’s most pressing current and future challenges. In order for our students to understand, participate, and eventually take a lead in public policy issues and environmental concerns, they must develop an expanding understanding of scientific and engineering content and practices.

Our Goals

In increasingly complex and developmentally appropriate ways, students

  • ask questions and define problems

  • plan and carry out investigations

  • analyze and interpret data

  • develop and use models

  • use mathematics and computational thinking

  • construct logical explanations and design solutions

  • defend explanations by developing evidence based on data and challenge peers while searching for explanations

  • obtain, evaluate, and communicate information


Each year our faculty conducts curricular reviews. Last year's focus was on science and environmental education at TPS. We held meetings throughout the year to think about why and how we do science at TPS, how one year builds on the skills and content of another, and what we want our graduates to be equipped with at the end of their elementary school journey.  In summer 2018 a group of faculty members continued the conversation, researching standards and units of study and developing a plan to complete a new curriculum map in the 2018-19 academic year.